Sincere Hogan joins me on the show to talk Body Weight Training

February 25, 2014

When I had the opportunity to speak with Sincere Hogan of New Warrior Training I just jumped at the chance.

In this chat with me Sincere talks more about how he developed some of his philosophies and came to be the man he is, how he met Mike Mahler and started the awesome Live Life Aggressively podcast, why body weight training is something that we should ALL be doing and then went on to share a little teaser about the workshop to end all workshops.

That's right, it sounds like Sincere, Mike and a few reputable pals which include Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn are going to hosting a super seminar in Las Vegas later this year and the material within is set to be awesome!! Listen in to find out how you can get on the early bird list to get a special offer if you're thinking of going.


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